Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Top 500 Albums # 251-300

251. The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul (by Otis Redding)
252. Metallica (by Metallica)
253. Trans-Europe Express (by Kraftwerk)
254. Whitney Houston (by Whitney Houston)
255. The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (by The Kinks)
256. The Velvet Rope (by Janet Jackson)
257. Stardust (by Willie Nelson)
258. American Beauty (by Grateful Dead)
259. Crosby Stills and Nash (by Crosby Stills and Nash)
260. Buena Vista Social Club (by Buena Vista Social Club)
261. Tracy Chapman (by Tracy Chapman)
262. Workingman's Dead (by Grateful Dead)
263. The Genius of Ray Charles (by Ray Charles)
264. Child Is Father to the Man (by Blood Sweat and Tears)
265. Cosmo's Factory (by Creedence Clearwater Revival)
266. Quadrophenia (by The Who)
267. There Goes Rhymin' Simon (by Paul Simon)
268. Psycho Candy (by The Jesus and Mary Chain)
269. Some Girls (by The Rolling Stones)
270. The Beach Boys Today! (by The Beach Boys)
271. Going to a Go-Go (by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles)
272. Nightbirds (by Labelle)
273. The Slim Shady LP (by Eminem)
274. Mothership Connection (by Parliament)
275. Rhythm Nation 1814 (by Janet Jackson)
276. Anthology of American Folk Music (by Harry Smith)
277. Aladdin Sane (by David Bowie)
278. The Immaculate Collection (by Madonna)
279. My Life (by Mary J Blige)
280. Folk Singer (by Muddy Waters)
281. Can't Get Enough (by Barry White)
282. The Cars (by The Cars)
283. Five Leaves Left (by Nick Drake)
284. Music of My Mind (by Stevie Wonder)
285. I'm Still in Love With You (by Al Green)
286. Los Angeles (by X)
287. Anthem of the Sun (by Grateful Dead)
288. Something Else by the Kinks (by The Kinks)
289. Call Me (by Al Green)
290. Talking Heads: 77 (by Talking Heads)
291. The Basement Tapes (by Bob Dylan and the Band)
292. White Light / White Heat (by The Velvet Underground)
293. Greatest Hits (by Simon and Garfunkel)
294. Kick Out the Jams (by MC5)
295. Meat Is Murder (by The Smiths)
296. We're Only In It For the Money (by The Mothers of Invention)
297. Weezer (Blue Album)
(by Weezer)
298. Master of Reality (by Black Sabbath)
299. Coat of Many Colors (by Dolly Parton)
300. Fear of a Black Planet (by Public Enemy)


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